Zephyrus Capital invests and partners with Nest Arcade- One-stop platform(app) for all P2E games and NFT on Solana.

Since the start of the year, There has been a massive growth in the Blockchain gaming industry. The Blockchain has recorded a humongous growth in the number of users as well as projects and their in-game sales. The main reason for this massive adoption of gaming projects in crypto is people seeking newness & also the Metaverse adoption has been picked up heights. The metrics can determine that the gaming sector can take the major lead in the blockchain industry.


Play2Earn has been one of the major reasons for the growth of the blockchain gaming industry, More and more players are attracted to blockchain games compared to normal video games due to the uniqueness available on the blockchain. The blockchain industry provides Play2Earn & the best graphics as well as solves the loading issue of games. Out of them, people prefer to earn while they enjoy the game. This feature is getting attracted by many gaming developers and started building games on blockchain to provide P2E features and increase their game adoption.

Nest Arcade:

Nest arcade is one of the first NFT X PLAY2EARN arcades on blockchain built-in Solana. The goal is to massively accelerate blockchain gaming and NFT adoption through a remarkably simple app. Nest is a combination of 3 rapidly increasing multi-million-dollar markets: NFTS, mini-games, and play to earn, all merged by blockchain technology. Simply we can assume it is like Netlfix, In Netflix, we can access all the required movies and entertainment content on a single app, Similarly, the Nest arcade app is a one-stop platform that provides wider access to many play2earn games. Nest arcade acts like a gaming hub where gaming projects can come forward and make a proposal to list their game in the app, In this way, there will be wider adoption of blockchain gaming.


  1. Nest Arcade is a one-stop gaming hub app, Being built on blockchain and accessing the play2earn games to the users at one go, The adoption of the project will be huge in the upcoming months as per the current blockchain gaming industry revolution.
  2. Being the app it will be widely accessible to many users to play, enjoy and earn via Nest arcade, It provides the best UI for all the games in a simple app, hence making users feel simple and comfortable.

3. Players will be able to own their in-game characters using NFTS and play them in a variety of Play To Earn games.

4. All these NFTs will be held within their personal blockchain wallet, giving absolute ownership to their in-game assets or properties, They can transfer to their friends or trade on the secondary markets for the dollars.

5. Nest Arace will search and launch dozens of high-end mini-games per year to be hosted on the App, With every new mini-game launched, brings a new audience of players and gives our current users more game modes to engage with. This helps in project growth and increases the ease of trading of in-game assets(NFTs).

6. The Nest arcade consists of major solid subparts,

Nest Arcade- This hosts hundreds of gameplay possibilities and allows players to easily pick up NFTS and enter decentralized finance without friction.

Nest Marketplace: Nest Marketplace is an NFT marketplace for buying and trading ‘playable’ NFTS that are supported by nest games.

Nest Hub: Nest Hub is where game developers are able to effortlessly publish their P2E games to Nest Arcade for review and launch their NFT collection directly on Nest Marketplace for trading.

8. Being Built on Solana, It has a much higher transaction rate and very less gas fee will perform any transaction or trades.

Why Solana:

Until early 2021, the Majority of the DeFi products and gaming projects were being built on Ethereum Blockchain, However, there is a huge gas fee involved in each and every transaction you make on ethereum due to proof of work. So, many users are feeling the gas fee is high and they were looking for some similar blockchain to use DeFi products which cost less gas fee. In the same way, as developers considering the aspects of users(customers) they started to build the DeFi and gaming products on Solana which runs on a proof of history consensus. As compared to Ethereum, Solana has a much higher transaction rate and very little gas fee. So interests in people and developers are slowly shifting on to Solana.

Considering all the above points and the ongoing blockchain gaming adoption, Zephyrus Capital capital is very Bullish on Nest Arcade.

Official Links:

Zephyrus Capital:


Twitter: https://twitter.com/CapitalZephyrus

Telegram: https://t.me/zephyruscapital

Nest Arcade:

Website: https://nestarcade.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheNestArcade

Telegram: https://t.me/nestarcade



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