Harmony Launcher- World’s First IDO+IGO incubator Launchpad on Harmony Blockchain.

The Harmony Launcher is the world’s first decentralized IDO + IGO launchpad and incubator with an integrated AMM DEX whose primary focus is to provide all the necessary grounds for start-ups and projects based on the harmony network to build, raise funds, and launch successfully.

The Harmony Launcher is a decentralized fundraising platform Harmony that enables investors to participate in the upcoming project before it enters the market. The Harmony Launcher team rigorously filters the projects based on “investor-oriented curated projects” and picks the best project that can withstand the blockchain world. The Harmony launcher’s expert team will do a thorough vetting before incubating it. This helps the users minimize the risks.

With the harmony announcement regarding the ecosystem fund of $300M, there has been a massive surge in the adoption of the Harmony blockchain. This leads to more and more projects coming to build on the Harmony blockchain, while the Harmony Launcher helps them raise funds and introduce them to the blockchain world.

IDO Launchpad:

Before launchpads, there used to be ICOs, IEOs, etc. The thing is, as it is centralized, it will have many restrictions for the users to participate. As decentralized finance is the leading space in crypto, we have seen the rise of Launchpad in recent months, to be precise, this year.

Launchpads streamline the process of attracting the crypto community and raising funds effectively. Many of the upcoming projects choose decentralized ways to raise funds. So, the Harmony Launcher IDO+IGO Launchpad was designed with the speed of Harmony, trust of Smart Contracts, and flexibility of decentralization in mind. It is a truly decentralized platform aimed at taking a better approach and helping projects garner crowdfund.

Why Harmony blockchain?

Back in 2–3 years if someone says about a DeFi project or some project with some other category on a blockchain then most probably it is used to be ETH (8/10). Due to high gas fees and slow transaction rate, there has been a massive decline in usage of the products on Eth (A small considerable amount). Developers slowly understand the necessities of users and started building their products on various other blockchains. One among them is Harmony is an open and fast blockchain. Harmony mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 1000 times lower fees. Projects are more likely to take Harmony adoption for its cross-chain interoperability nature

Why choose a Harmony Launcher?

Harmony Launcher’s goal is to solve the growing pains of Initial Dex Offerings, or IDOs, and to create a one-stop-shop for crypto investors and projects seeking to raise crypto capital.

Major present launchpad platforms act as IDO platforms, i.e., removing the scope of bringing good gaming projects to their investors, and also many platforms just act as fundraising platforms, whereas Harmony Launcher is an incubator that assists the project and shapes it such that it comes out to the market and stands ahead of the crowd.

As discussed above, there has been a massive adoption of the Harmony blockchain with ecosystems grants and also due to its cross-chain interoperability nature. As the projects on the Harmony start to rise, the Harmony Launcher helps them to introduce them to the blockchain world, support them and help them with fundraising. Investing in Harmony Launcher makes it easy to invest very early in upcoming Harmony projects on their launchpad.

Advantages of using Harmony Launcher (for both projects and investors)

Multi-focused investor-oriented IDO + IGO platform:

The Harmony Launcher is the world’s first IDO+IGO-focused launchpad and incubator. It helps Harmony Launcher’s users invest in a wide variety of projects in DeFi as well as gaming and metaverse-focused projects. Also, it helps to increase gaming and metaverse adoption on the harmony blockchain.

Built-in AMM Decentralized Exchange:

As all of us know, the DEX has high importance in crypto trading because all the new and emerging project tokens will not be listed on Centralized exchanges due to their limitations and regulations. So most of the newly created projects will only be available on DEX for trade.

The Harmony AMM Dex facilitates all the new projects’ listings via the AMM liquidity protocol and provides smooth trading. Utilizing the Harmony Blockchain tech, HARL Dex enables users to instantly buy and sell their tokens within the platform with a low fee and with low slippage (maintaining enough liquidity).

NFT integrated:

The role of NFT in DeFi and gaming/metaverse cannot be separated. The NFTs of a project represents the true believers and supporters of the project. The Hodlers may have certain use cases for the allocation: gaming equipment, staking priority, etc. Considering the growing interest in the NFT field, NFTs are integrated into the Harmony Launcher and there will be special roles for each series of NFTs that are released consequently. NFT holders will have some priorities and allocation categories etc...

Project Incubation:

Once project applicants pass the Harmony Launcher team’s rigorous vetting process and team security clearance, the project will not only be supported for fundraising, but it will also help the projects gain attraction and support them with assistance and reshape the product so that it can compete in the real world. Also, projects launching on Harmony Launcher will have support in marketing, graphic design, operational assistance, and crafting tokenomics as well.

Security and support:

Projects will be thoroughly vetted by the Harmony Launcher team and checked for background checks along with KYC to ensure the project is safe before being brought for fundraising. Also, the investors are KYCed and verified before investment to prevent any malicious activity on the protocol and maintain friendly and safe fundraising.

The Harmony Launcher provides complete end-to-end assistance, from marketing to tokenomics, to a successful launch.


The Harmony Launcher platform would make sure all the funds' start-ups raised would be stored in a secure escrow guarded by a custodian contract. HARL will be infiltrated with an insurance protocol to prevent the users from experiencing impermanent loss.


You can check out complete vesting details of the token sale here: https://docsend.com/view/hbn4pitqxkzyqnvu

HARL is the backbone of the Harmony Launcher ecosystem. Harmony Launcher (HARL) is the utility and governance token of the platform. As a token holder, you have various means of benefiting, such as earning staking rewards, getting IDO allocation, participating in events, etc.

Harl has a rigorous vesting schedule which helps to maintain the organic growth of HARL tokens, preventing pumps and dumps.


Notables and backers:

  1. The Harmony Launcher has been backed by top-notch venture capitals and blockchain projects such as BasicsCapital, Magnus_fund, X21_Digital, AU21Capital, maven capital, GainsAssociates, EverseCapital, exnetworkcap, and more

2. To support Harmony Protocol’s ecosystem growth, GenShards launched a $100,000 Harmony Support program.

The fund will catalyze the development of HarmonyLauncher, staking modules, metaverse, and NFTs.

3. Triple IDO is preparing to launch the much-anticipated $HARL token sale on Genesis shards, Firestarter, and its launchpad, Harmony Launcher.

4. As the initial market cap at TGE is only $146,400, which is significantly less, we can see massive growth in the project compared to many other existing IDO platforms.

5. Even before the launch, the Harmony Launcher has been successful in gaining huge community attraction. Supporting the statement, we can see that the Harmony Launcher Twitter account has nearly 80K followers and the Telegram group has 45k members. This signifies the huge demand for and interest in the product.

Official Links:

Website: https://harmonylauncher.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HarmonyLauncher

Telegram: https://t.me/harmonylauncherAnn

Telegram community: https://t.me/HarmonyLauncher



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