CoreStarter- Next generation CrossChain Launchpad platform.

CoreStarter is a cross-chain decentralized IDO platform and NFT marketplace with high yield staking, Built on Solana for high performance and low fees. CoreStarter is a Multichain IDO platform, where it enables investors to participate in upcoming projects before they enter the market. The CoreStarter team rigorously filters the project based on certain criteria and picks the best project that can withstand the blockchain world. This is the major reason why we can choose CoreStarter as the best investment platform.

Corestarter is the decentralized fundraising platform on Solana Blockchain. Since the beginning, we have witnessed the exponential growth of Solana users, This leads to more and more projects coming to build on Solana blockchain alongside CoreStarter helps them to raise the funds and help them introduce to the blockchain world.

Before Launchpads there used to be ICO, IEO, etc. The thing is, as it is centralized, it will have many restrictions for the users to participate. As decentralized Finance is the leading space in crypto there we have seen the rise of Launchpad in recent months to be precise this year more.

Launchpads streamline the process of attracting the crypto community and raising funds effectively. Many of the upcoming projects choose decentralized ways to raise the funds. So, Corestarter IDO Launchpad was designed with the speed of Solana, trust of Smart Contracts, and flexibility of decentralization in mind. It is a truly decentralized platform aimed to take a better approach and help Solana projects to garner crowdfunds.

Until 2021, the Majority of the DeFi products were being built on Ethereum Blockchain, However, there is a huge gas fee involved in every transaction you make on ethereum due to proof of work. So, Many users are feeling the gas fee is high and they were looking for some similar blockchain to use DeFi products which cost less gas fee. In the same way, as developers considering the aspects of users(customers) they started to build the DeFi products on Solana which runs on a proof of history consensus. As compared to Ethereum, Solana has a much higher transaction rate and very less gas fees. So interests in people and developers are slowly shifting on to Solana. The Solana has been growing on steroids looks unstoppable anyway. The scalability, huge community, and less gas fee is the major reason why CoreStarer has chosen Solana as their Blockchain.

CoreStarter is a decentralized finance protocol that helps the new projects by raising the funds through the CSTR platform with inbuilt staking rewards powered by core starter DAO. Corestarter helps the new projects find the investors for them correspondingly helps their platform use to invest in best-filtered projects. Corestarter has various features that make it stand from others.

Finding and filtering: CoreStarter team is very keen on finding the best projects for the $CSTR holders. They will do multi-featured filtering from the list of priorities they set. CoreStarter experts select the highest quality projects and founders in the blockchain. Each project has to pass multi-layered filtering to get launched on the CoreStarter. The team will check the major criteria like Code, Company KYC(To make sure the project background is right), Tokenomics, security, and also do rigorous research to find the market condition for that idea and check the scope of existence.

Projects need to undergo above all levels to onboard on CoreStarter

✨Insured Launchpad: Every project that is going to be launched on CoreStarter will need to be contributed to the insurance treasury, This enables the risk-free investment for the users and also works as financial protection for the investors against potential project failures. This makes the Corestarter special and risk-free.

✨Guaranteed Allocation for all, based on pool weights: We have seen that generally there will be a huge entry barrier for many launchpads to participate in their token sales, which makes the retail or common investor suffer a lot. CoreStarter made it very simple for all, It has very little entry barrier such that a retail or common investor can also take part in their potential filtered projects. The allocation is proportional to the pool weights they obtain.

✨Dual sale round mechanism: The core starter has a dual round mechanism to ensure that 100% of the tokens are sold accurately. Initially, they will release the token as per the user tiers and pool ratios, Some users choose to not take part in the sale, So the remaining part is sent to FCFS round so that the investors who are willing to invest more can eat up the remaining allocation.

Liquidity locking platform: The projects that are going to launch on CoreStarter also have the facility to lock their liquidity and choose their percentage of lock among the total funds raised and choose the time of lock. The locked part will be available for liquidity and the remaining can be used by the project expenses. This way the launching project can ensure more trust in them because of liquidity locking.

✨We have seen NFT adoption is increasing day by day, there has been a massive growth in the number of artists and artworks. Based on the popularity the prices are touching the sky. Cryptopunks have been made a standpoint for the NFT’s making higher highs this year. CoreStarter has taken a step ahead from the token launchpad has included the NFT marketplace. The upcoming arts works can list their NFT’s on the Corestarter or launch them directly on the Corestarter. This helps the NFT adoption in the platform as well.

CoreStarter has its Marketplace where users can Discover, collect and auction NFTs through the marketplace.

Token Ticker: $CSTR

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Intial Mcap: $600,000(Updated)

CSTR is the backbone CoreStarter ecosystem. CSTR is the utility cum governance token of the CoreStarter platform. It allows CSTR stakers to participate in IDOs, Earn decent APR by staking and using CSTR to purchase NFTs. As a token holder, you have various means of benefiting such as earning staking rewards, getting IDO allocation, participating in the governance.

CSTR is used as currency to trade on the NFT marketplace. The holders will have the right to participate in the governance of the CoreStarter ecosystem. The users who want to participate in the IDO’s need to stake the token and they will be given respective pool weights for the sale. The pool weight distribution is in such a way that “The Longer the duration and the more the token you hold the higher the pool weight you get”, So this makes sure that not only big investors get the higher pool weight But also the small investors who are supporting and staking tokens for a long time both are rewarded. This feature makes the CSTR unique and as the time factor is involved, The token will have long-term organic growth and price increment.

Pool weight is directly proportional to “Duration of time” & “Amount of token” you stake.

Considering all the above factors we can easily predict there will be huge space for the growth of the CoreStarter community as well we can see good returns for investors. The initial market cap for the CSTR is $600k which is considerably low and creates a space for massive growth in the price of tokens.

✔Core has successfully raised 1.3 million dollars in private sales including many prominent ventures capitals.

✔ The CoreStarter has gained huge support from the VCs and other projects and it helps to maintain the long-term growth of the project. Some of the backers and investors include-

✔ CSTR will be listed on the world's top tier exchange on 18th NOV

✔Being built on Solana which is a highly scalable and low fee blockchain, We can see the massive growth in the project adoption due to developers and investors choosing different chains instead of ETH nowadays. So these projects on Solana need a platform to launch and that will be provided by CoreStarter

✔As the initial market cap at TGE is only 600,000$, which is significantly less, we can see massive growth in the project compared to many other existing IDO platforms mcap.

✔ IDO whitelisting for Corestarter has officially started, Fill the form to make sure you get a guaranteed spot for the $CSTR sale.

✔ Corestarer has been successful to gain support from the Solana community, They have achieved 83k+ members on telegram and around 70K members on Twitter.




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